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Introduction To Radiation Therapy


This is when you meet with the doctor for the first time. Dr. Melotek will explain your treatment options and his recommendation. At this time, if there are any staging questions, or pending appointments, our staff will help guide you through the process.


CT Simulation.

Once you have decided on your course of treatment, our therapists will schedule you for a mapping scan done in our Port Saint Lucie office. This involves a non-diagnostic CT scan, and creating any molds of your body with any special devices such as a Vacloc or Aquaplast mask. These devices are used for immobilization and will help our therapists match your scan to each treatment. This step at times requires some preparation. Dr. Melotek or our therapists will explain in detail if that is the case.


Treatment Planning

Once your CT simulation has been completed, we will merge any pictures from diagnostic imaging you’ve had with the images from your mapping scan. Dr. Melotek will then draw the volumes for the radiation beams to treat your cancer. Our dosimetry and physics team will work together to create the treatment plan.


Quality Assurance

Your treatment plan has been completed! The physics team has created a template to test the treatment plan. Our therapists will now run the quality assurance test on the TrueBeam. Any issues will be addressed with dosimetry and physics. The process will be repeated if necessary.



We are ready to get started! Our therapists will contact you to set up your first appointment for treatment. This will be within 2-5 days from your simulation. At this time, if you have any conflicts in your schedule, we will do our best to coordinate what works for you. If you are also getting chemotherapy with another office, we will call them to coordinate on your behalf.


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